What is Longarm Quilting?

Longarm quilting machine with a quilt on the frame, Public Domain image by Jessica Hartman

Longarm quilting is the process of assembling the 3 parts of a quilt (top, batting, back) into a completed quilt using a specialized machine designed for this process.

The earliest quilting machines only allowed for straight lines, but today's computer driven machines allow for all over patterns (called pantographs) that range from simple to incredibly complex.

Our Longarm Quilting Services

Price Guide for Basic Pantograph (all over pattern) Work and Meander.

Please note, we price our quilting by the square inch, and the prices below are for common quilt sizes to be used as a ballpark figure. Your individual price will be calculated based on the actual dimensions of your quilt top.

Long Arm Services Price Guide for Basic Pantograph

  • Crib
  • $54
  • 45x60
  • Recliner
  • $81
  • 45x90
  • Sofa
  • $129.60
  • 60x108
  • Twin
  • $129.60
  • 72x90
  • Double/Full
  • $155.52
  • 81x96
  • Queen
  • $194.40
  • 90x108
  • King Coverlet
  • $233.28
  • 108x108
  • King
  • $288
  • 120x120

Our quilting rates start at $0.02 per square inch for basic pantograph and meander work. We have hundreds of pantographs (and we're willing to make more!) and will work with you to find something that will help to show off your quilt top.

Specialty threads, thread changes, turning for border work, particularly complex patterns, medallion work and other custom patterns will cause an increase in the base rate, but we are willing to work within your budget. Our goal is to help your quilt to look as good as you want it to look, not just quilt it the way we want.

You may supply the batting and/or backing or may purchase it from us for an additional charge. We request that if you provide the back or batting that it be at least 4 larger than your quilt top, all the way around. We also ask that you do not pre-layer your quilt, as we do that when we put it on our quilter. Please be aware that we reserve the right to refuse battings that are not compatible with our services.

A free personalization/quilt label embroidery is included with any quilting order. We also offer custom bias tape making and custom binding services if you desire.

We stock several types of batting including Hobbs PolyDown , Quilter's Dream Cotton, Dream Puff and Dream Wool.

Prices are effective as of May 15 2013 and are subject to change.

Requirements & Helpful Hints

1.Make sure your backing and batting are at least 4 bigger on all sides than your top.

2. Make sure your seams are well pressed. Top and back should lie flat. Make sure selvedges are not left in backing seams!

3. The quilt top and backing fabric should be free of loose threads, both front and back, that can cause snags, uneven stitching, or be stitched into your quilt.