McKenna Ryan Storybook Farm Pineneedles

Storybook Farm Quilt

We obtained the original fabrics lists from McKenna, and managed to collect enough of those fabrics to make 12 kits.  We are currently doing a block each month, toward building the entire quilt (or 8 different small wallhangings, if you prefer.)  The kits are available on the fourth Sunday of each month at noon.  We do have a workshop at that time, for those who choose to stay and work on the project. All of the original fabric kits have been reserved, but anyone is welcomed to bring their pattern & fabrics and play along with the group!

Helpful things to bring are small sharp scissors, tweezers, seam roller (think wallpaper rollers,) Sharpie Fine Points, Pigma Pens, Applique Pressing Sheet, Steam-a-Seam 2 Lite (included with our kits.)



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