Benni Harper Mystery Club

The Benni Harper Mystery Club meets monthly to talk about books from our favorite local author, Earlene Fowler.  She has written a series of 12 mystery books, with quilting titles, around a heroine named Benni Harper.

We meet the 2nd Sunday of each month at Noon and will be having occational guests... we had the folks from Curve Master here at the first meeting, when we spoke about Fools Puzzle.   

We had a great day on Sunday of the Quilt Run, Earlene visited and was presented a quilt top showing all of her Benni Harper titles set into a red schoolhouse block.  She's pictured here with William, who did a lot of the work on the quilt (he was feverishly piecing school houses every night the prior week!)  Also contibuting were Russ, Vivs, Candy, Roxie, Nancy  and Melinda of our Benni Harper club!

The Benni Harper series includes: 

Fool's Puzzle
Irish Chain
Kansas Troubles
Goose in the Pond
Dove in the Window
Mariner's Compass
Seven Sisters
Arkansas Traveler
Steps to the Altar
Sunshine and Shadow
Broken Dishes
Delectable Mountains

and Comming in 2007 Tumbling Blocks.

As of  May 2006, Earlene has a new book to share, the Saddlemakers Wife! While this book is not about Benni, our beloved Heroine, we look forward to seeing the new world Earlene has dreamed up for us, and wish her great success with her new endevor.  Fear Not, Benni will be back next year!





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